A Business Card and You

A business card, invoice sheet, order forms and brochure are key elements of advertising your business. It also brings in future sales at craft shows from repeat customers. It took me about eight craft shows to realize the importance of a business card. Whenever a customer didn’t buy something, they would ask me for a business card. Each time I kept saying “Sorry I don’t have one at this time”. After telling so many customers that I didn’t have one I thought it was time I looked into obtaining some business cards.

Yet I didn’t know where to start and no one informed me that there was a website that created all sorts of business cards, brochures and other promotional tools called Vista Print. Since I was a newbie to the craft circuit I thought I could create my own business cards from scratch. This sparked me to look on the internet and read about how others created their cards. Some used a special program or ordered their cards from expensive printing services. Then I noticed a software program on my computer called Microsoft Office Publisher so I used it to create my first cards. Needless to say I didn’t know a thing about the quality of paper or what should or should not be on a card. My business card only had the name of my business, my name and phone number.

I didn’t add other important things like what type of crafts I created or my email address. So when you create your card ask yourself this question “What does my business card say about me? For one thing it tells a customer who you are as a business. It makes a statement about your craft before you begin to speak. Also gives a basic description of what type of business you run and what you offer to potential customers.

While planning and designing your card, keep in mind that a customer might not know how to find you and never assume they will know your zip code or area code. Here are a few basic things to consider for your business card:


Business Name

Address or PO Box

City, State and Zip Code

Area Code and Phone Number

Area Code and Fax Number (if applicable)

E-mail and Web Site (if applicable)

Now that you have the basic ideas needed to create a business card; let’s spice it up a bit! What catches customers most about the card is the graphics. For instance, let’s say you do porcelain dolls then you might consider adding a porcelain doll graphic on the card. Or if you specialize in wood furniture then maybe a small chest would be a good symbol.

A business card with only your personal name, address and phone number doesn’t tell customers much about what you do or the type of business you have. I believe your card should express your talent. If you are proud of your work, then why not express it on your business card as well. Have fun creating your card. Look on the internet for graphics that are similar to the crafts you create. Take a look at other cards and let your creative juices flow. Be inspired by other cards; but never copy a card previously done. One of my favorite places to search for graphics is called Harvest Moon Hill Graphics (http://www.harvestmoonhillgraphics.com). Look under their graphics designer section for a listing of primitive, country and vintage graphics.

How To Make Your Cheap Business Cards Look Good

Are you thinking about ordering your  business   cards  online? Today, many online printing company offers  card   designing . In fact, most of these companies already have thousands of designs that you can choose from. However, having a printing press customize a card for you would mean another penny. There is one thing you should know about cards. They do not have to be too flashy and expensive. A simple and sleek card can still attract the attention of many. Therefore, make sure not to spend too much on a simple  business   card . An affordable card does not have to look cheap. There are many cheap  business   cards  out there that are presentable enough to hand down to your potential clients. To save your penny, it will be best to design your own card and have it printed by a professional printing company.

So how can you make sure that your cheap  business   cards  will still look good? First, have your photo taken by a photographer. If you already have one, scan it to your computer and adjust its size. Second, learn to choose the right font color. It will be best if you choose black since darker shades will definitely make any card look classy and simple. Moreover, do not forget to include the name of your company in the heading. Adjust its font size and make it bolder than the rest. Do not neglect to include your name and your line of business. If you have a tag line, make sure to include it as well. Let people know that they can contact you by adding your phone number, your business address, and your email address. If you wish to add a logo of your company, feel free to do so. Once you are done designing your card, email it immediately to your chosen printing press.

Designing your own card will definitely save you from paying for the designing fee. Customizing your own card will also ensure you that you like what you see, and you are contented with what you have done. Moreover, it will save the printing company from all the efforts of personalizing different cards for you to choose from. That way, your card will be printed as soon as possible, and you will only need to pay for the  business   card  printing. Expect them to be delivered with 2-3 days after sending your design to the printing company. Also, you might need to pay an extra dollar for the shipping fee. However, it is much better that way than spending tons of dollars for your gas. Having your ready made cards shipped will also save you from the hassle of driving and getting stuck in the traffic.

The Right Business Card Sells Your Image

Business cards play a crucial role when it comes to generating leads or revenue for your company. They are used all over the world and form an integral part of the business world. These marketing tools are also known as complimentary cards and help throw open windows of opportunities as well as maintain existing client relationships.

These specialized cards say a lot about your work or enterprise. So, when it comes to printing them never leave it to chance or give it to someone who is still learning the trade. You might think that you are saving some money. But it ends up blowing up in your face. A bad printer will only sabotage your chances of getting more business with the crappy cards that he creates for you. Here are 4 practical tips that you can use to ensure that your business cards stand out.

Get a Professional

Never undervalue a professional printer. They might cost a little bit more than the average printer. However, they save you loads of stress in the end. Printing is a sensitive job. It takes a professional with a keen eye for detail to churn out a job that you would have no complaints about. A cheap printer will never give you a good job. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

Use Templates

Do not rely on gesticulations and descriptions when you want to describe the type of card that you want. There are many free business card templates on the Internet. Use them to get your point across to your printer of choice. This might limit your specifications. But it helps to put you and the printer on the same page. The printer can either replicate the template that you like or he can draw inspiration from your preference and come up with something close.

Review More than Once

Never be in a hurry to get your cards out. When your printer does a “dummy”, review the design and check out the content. Ensure that the color grades, spellings and punctuation marks are all in order. You need to run through everything with a fine tooth comb before it goes to press. If you discover mistakes after the printer has rolled out 1000’s of cards, you only have yourself to blame. It is you fault and not the printer’s.

Protect Yourself

We live in a digital era. You can get your cards created in a matter of hours without having to leave your home. However, be careful and do not flash your credit card information at any site that you see online. Try to confirm that the site is secure before you punch in your financial details. You can opt for other means like cash on delivery or via Pay Pal, to play safe.

Unusual Business Card Printing Ideas

 Business   card  printing is a classic marketing strategy that one would think would always be successful. But if you don’t know the ins and outs of this promotional component, you may be wasting your time creating cards. In this day and age, card printing is much more than a way to swap contact information; it’s a way to make a statement for your company. The latest printing technology and creative design concepts have infiltrated  business   card   designs  and companies are coming up with the most original ideas out there.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, come up with creative ways to brand your  business  with  business   card  printing that strays away from the standard. Die cutting has become a very popular way to put a twist on a classic. With die cutting, you can turn standard sized cards into custom creations that are out-of-the-ordinary shapes or act as do-it-yourself mini-projects. If you are a salon, for example, die cutting allows you to easily round out the edges of a standard 3 x 2.5 card and create strips to give the look of a hair comb. Or, have fun with your customers and make your  business   card  into a little box they can build themselves.

Play with unique material and green components. For something completely different in than the typical world of  business   card  printing, make your cards from metal, wood, or organic ingredients. Add seeds and encourage your customers to plant them, create a spinning or binding component or make original designs your own with transparent paper.

Emulate a relevant shape, style or practical piece of equipment from your company’s products and services with your  business   card  printing. As strange as it sounds, people are sick of seeing the same old blocky white cards with names and numbers. Rather than create a template replica of someone else’s cards, go above and beyond with original card printing. Be prepared to spend a little more for these unusual effects, but know that if you achieve them successfully, no customer will be able to forget the positive impression you leave them with.

Clever designs and unusual  business   card  printing styles make your impact much more than a typical contact card can relay. Some businesses spend so much time on elaborate advertising and extended promotions that they forget to pay attention to the details. Cards create a buzz and the better they are, the most boost you will likely create for your business.

5 Commonsense Ideas For Business Cards

A  business   card  tells a potential customer more about you than how you can be contacted. Professionally designed and well presented  business   cards  can make a big difference to your image. While  business   card  printing using your own equipment may seem tempting, the end result may not have that quality look needed to represent your business.

Before you design and print your cards take a look at these commonsense ideas to get it right first print run.


Create a logo that can be used will all your business stationery. It is not everyone that can come up with great designs so if you are stuck for ideas consult the professionals. Online printers have people on staff who have studied the craft not only of design but what works best in promoting a business.

The great names are remembered not for their name but for the logo. There is no mention of McDonalds in the gold M that sits on the red background yet how many people know what that M represents?

Make yours a great logo that can stand the test of time. After you have it printed on your  business   card  it can be the base for all your stationery and used in any future advertising campaign.


Shabby cards say shabby service. Even though this may not be the case it is that instant association that could lose your customers’ interest and potential sales. Buyers are genuinely interested in quality products and value for money. If your  business   card  makes the statement that you weren’t prepared to go that extra mile this could be interpreted to your lack of attention to detail with your products or services.

It is always better to go with a quality card – you may pay a little more for the initial outlay but it could pay dividends in the long run.


Careful choice of coloured fonts on coloured backgrounds that make the card easily readable makes sense.

Make sure the font size is easy on the eye too. No-one wants to have to squint to see your name and details.

Leave it to the professionals

Using a  business   card  printing service is quick and painless. Self printing maybe tempting but the costs may be higher than you think. Take into consideration the time spent on design and building a format as well as the costs of ink and the card itself.

The end result of a professionally printed card will instill a sense of confidence in your customers.

Use both sides of the card

Costs may not be that much more for having both sides of the card printed. You could list your services on the back or provide more information about your business. Give as much information as you can.

 Business   cards  remain the most simple yet effective way to promote your business. Use some commonsense with design and printing and make sure the look represents your business with quality.

Business Cards As a Marketing Tool – Are They Still Effective?

Recent research conducted by Pew Internet found that 92% of Americans use email and 65% use search and social media. Statistics that confirm the need for online marketing strategy includes traditionally focused e-marketing techniques, and testing new methods to improve response. Many companies have decided to add the e-card companies for their overall marketing strategy.

Some say the  business   card  will go the way of the buggy whip, no longer useful. They feel that in the era of social media and cloud computing, they makes them feel so “horse-and-buggy” like.

Social media and mobile devices have changed the way we network today, but face-to-face contact is still vital and the  business   card  is still the main way of exchanging contact information in such settings. Of course, the card of today differs from those in the past in that it should include complete electronic contact information including social media links.

Perhaps the most basic and indispensable marketing tool today is the  business   card . Just like any other marketing materials, they should get the same attention and importance. Even in this age of high technology, they still play an important role. It is a must-have to every business even in today’s world.

They function as the work-horse of your business, constantly driving customers to your doorstep so they deserve given enough attention and investment. Just consider your cards as a miniature billboard that delivers your contact information in more than a basic white card.

In order to create professional impression, trustworthiness, reliability and integrity, you must pay close attention to design.

In the last few years as the Internet has reached its new heights in terms of information sharing, it also became very popular among graphic designers to share and sell their  business   card   designs  online. I believe that this direct competition has helped to improve the look of  business   cards  all over the world, because if you want to noticed, you must produce a good design.

A great design should provide basic information about you and your business, but the way you present it can be as creative as you want. While some recent trends have emerged like adding QR codes and Social Media links on  business   cards , these are unique and will do liven up. With some imagination, quality printing, and a little fun… you can have a  business   card  you’re proud to hand out at your next networking event.

These are some new trends in  business   card   design  that can breathe life into an old medium.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could possibly totally reset your monetary behaviors and start fresh? This is not always an easy task to actually do, but it can be done by making changes in your daily life. First of all, get started paying more attention to your money. Reserve 5 minutes each day to do exactly this, since it allows you to understand where you are and when you happen to be exceeding your budget. Following that, decrease your salary mentally. Picture you are bringing home a lesser amount each week. What might you eliminate? Eliminate these items and begin putting that cash to better use, such as in a piggy bank. Don’t purchase stuff because other people own them. Change your thought process. Find a big purchase you want to actually make and save the funds for the purchase, and the feeling of fulfillment you get when you move nearer to that goal helps keep you motivated. If you do go to the store, start using a list and don’t purchase a single thing that’s not on the list. If you make these adjustments, you will find you can get your financial situation back on track and maintain them this way. Before very long, you can get something massive, such as a house. Whenever you want to view house for sales, make sure you check out this useful link as well. It’s really a great place to begin your search.

Business Cards – 5 Tips to Print Own Your Business Cards

You have completed the design of your business cards and now you are ready to print them out. Looking for ways to get the best deal out there? Why not do it yourselves? Here are 5 tips to print own your business cards, that will help you reduce the costs of hiring a professional printer while at the same time ensure the quality of your card.

1. Use High Quality material: This is extremely important to give a professional feel for your cards. You can get good stationery at affordable prices if you shop online. You can also pick up business card stationery from office stationery stores. But whatever you do, do not ever print out your cards in normal light weight paper.

2.Use a Color Printer: If you have at least some amount of color in your business card design, then it is a good idea to get your cards printed using a color printer. You can either print your own business cards using a color printer or order color prints of your cards online. In fact if you have the money, the latter would be a better option as they would have professional printing equipment.

3. Learn Before You Do: There are enough tutorials online that explain how you can print own cards successfully. Be sure to go through them, especially if you are a novice in the field of graphics design and printing.

4. Print The Backside: Do not waste the precious stationery by printing only one side. Your card is one of the cheapest marketing real estate that you can get and make sure you maximize its use. While everyone would give you the advice of using the backside of your card, it is equally important as to what message you choose to convey through the backside. Also, make sure that printing on both sides does not diminish the card’s quality by letting ink seep through to the other side while you print your own business cards!

5. Print the Right Amount: Your business landscape may change faster than you expect and you don’t want to end up with a bunch of cards that have become outdated. Even if you think that the information in your card is not going to change any time soon, there could be surprises! Therefore it is best to use small batches of cards – especially if you print your own cards, as there is no scope for discounts on bulk orders! However the number of business cards that you print should also not be so less that you end up printing them every other day. And although you are giving a leeway for a change in information presented in the card, it is always better to retain at least the basic layout and color scheme of your card as long as possible, as clients would come to associate your business with this and you don’t want to confuse them, thereby losing an opportunity to build trust.

Follow these 5 tips while printing your cards and you will be well on your way to successfully print your own business cards!

Essential Elements of a Business Card

To promote their business growth, many organizations enter into alliances, joint ventures, or contracts. For this purpose, entrepreneurs build contacts with all those vital components to promote his business. A businessperson undergoes a frenzied schedule to attend several meetings, press conferences, presentations, seminars and many more events. A  business   card  is one of the common things that exchanges hands during these occasions. Here comes into play the role of a card for business purposes.

The card for business is one of the promotional materials to encourage the business growth. Presentation of the card in businesses matters a lot when an entrepreneur presents his card to his counterpart. A shabby looking card will not create any effect on the mind of a viewer.

A card should be attractive and elegant in appearance. First is the quality of the paper to make the card. The quality of the paper should be good. You should use a fine quality that makes the contents of the card appear unique. The distinctive presentation of the card makes a reader or a viewer grasp the details with ease. For this reason, the printing ink and other contents should appear faultless and lucid.

Using your company’s logo is essential, as this carries the corporate identity of your business. One should make enough space on the card for a logo. Graphics are also useful if they are necessary and related to the nature or goal of the company. Unnecessary stuffing of the graphics will make a card appear scruffy. Simplicity can bring elegance to a card.

Use of less pictorial and textual details will enable a viewer to grasp the important information more easily and retain these details. Simple design can render a professional appearance to a card, which also reflects your business. You can use short and crisp captions that can hold a viewer’s attention. If you use colors, they should also match the shade of your logo or should reflect the nature of the business.

Many genuine companies offer services for making a  business   card . You can also opt for  business   card  software available in the market that makes a user aware of the latest trends in  card   designing .

Personal Business Cards

Personal  business   cards  offer the first impression of your company and  business  and should therefore be  designed  and printed carefully. Before you decide on a design for your  business   card , take some time not only to research on the available printing options but to also decide on what kind of impression you would like to leave on people through these cards.

Personal Cards: Purpose

 Business   cards  have emerged as an essential means of communicating with one’s clients, associates and customers. Since these cards provide the basic information about a business or the services being offered by a person, they have increasingly being used as a promotional tool. Designing and printing of personal cards should be such that the final product is not only impressive but easy to store.

Things to Consider While Selecting Personal Cards

Personal cards need to be attractive and informative enough to serve the information needs of potential customers. Several points should be kept in mind while selecting these type of cards, such as:

* The quality of paper being used should be good and durable.

* The ink being used to print the paper should also be of high quality.

* Cards should use a mix and match of colors that are neither too bright nor too dull.

* They should clearly display the contact information and the nature of one’s business.

* Select from the various printing options available according to your requirements.

* Choose from various options, such as magnetic tapes or full colored or black and white cards.

* Cost of printing is reasonable.

* Check if the printing techniques being used are environmental friendly.